Most of our items come directly from the military warehouses.  When you buy US military items, you need to be aware that they have contracts with several suppliers, so many of the items will be a different shade of color or slightly different.  When we receive items that are new, many of them are “loose” as the military receives many of their items in large boxes in large quantities.  We check each item that comes in to make sure that all of the buckles, buttons, latches, etc are in full working order.  Some items may have some writing on it, like “DRMO”, or the colors may be faded, but the item will still be in good functioning condition.

We receive many items at a time, and as previously stated, they are produced by different manufacturers.  We try and group them together by manufacturer.  However, you may receive an item that is not exactly like the picture.  We do not take pictures of every single item we receive.  We do offer some items that have flaws separately from the other items.  These items will have their own pictures showing the flaws.  Also, many of the items have been sitting in warehouses collecting dust.  Some items may have dust, dirt and other things that can be washed off.  We do not wash any of the items before shipping them.

When we ship our items, we try and put each item into a poly bag to help protect the items while they are in transit.  Most of our items are packed and dropped of at the appropriate shipping company within 1 business day.  If you buy more than 1 item from us, we will ship them all in the same box unless it is too bulky.  If you are buying more than one item that requires the shipping to be paid, please contact us first so that we can adjust your bill to reflect the correct amount.  If for some reason you receive the wrong size or even the wrong item, please contact us right away so that we can make things right, at no cost to the buyer.